Mordechai Kaszemacher

Mordechai Kaszemacher has lived in Tsfat all his life.

As a Boy he was frequently found in the painting studio of his father , the well-known artist Yaacov Kaszemacher .

There he observed his father's artistic style and techniques. Mordechai also experimented with pen and ink drawings.

Mordechai received his first camera at the age of twelve .

About the time , his father shifted his artistic endeavors from painting to photography .

Mordechai was maturing personally and artistically under the close guidance of his father.

Yaacov Kaszemacher encouraged his son's interest in photography sharing his knowledge , techniques and tips.

Mordechai Learned at the hand of master .

Mordechai found expression for his love of photography first as an event photographer. He photographed stills and recorded videos for weddings , bar mitzvahs and large scale happenings such as L'ag B'Omer in Meron .

With several years experience , he began doing more free-lance artistic photography similar to his father yet with his own vision and style.

Later he began experimenting with acrylic paints . he portrayed religious characters , Tsfat streets and architecture in miniature paintings on canvas.

In 2000 Mordechai began working with his father in the Ohr Yaacov Gallery .

Here they featured Yaacov Kaszemacher's paintings , prints and photographs.

Mordechai's work was also displayed and so he began to reach a wider market with his photography and paintings.

Since the death of Yaacov Kaszemacher in July 2011 Mordechai is the sole owner and manager of Kaszemacher Gallery in Tsfat .

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